exceeding expectations, not preparing for them.

The Future is Now

We showed up by working only with audited fabric mills, who traceably source material from sustainably managed forests. Our production partners are also audited, and committed to ethical manufacturing practices. Importantly; all of our packaging is made from recyclable paper and biodegradable material, instead of plastic.

more eco-responsible material

A Material Evolution

Employing 2x more certified parts than we do today, we will also use more recycled fibers to up our fabric game. Each new line will reflect our journey towards this goal, with responsible alternatives favoured first, always. When opportunity knocks, we will always answer, to meet our objectives sooner than planned. See you there.

avoid unnecessary waste

Slim Trims

We will avoid all unnecessary waste, knowing that it is in the small choices that we make big changes.

By this time, we’ll be working with dead stock fabric - the leftovers from fashion houses that over-shot their need. Unused fabric will be sold or donated to fashion and sewing schools… or molded to create future collections.

fully traceable collections

This Big Picture

We will strengthen our transparency by enabling you to view all aspects of our production chain. Two thirds of our process and materials will be fully certified as environmentally un-obstructive - aka zero impact.

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