Introducing Duet: The Signature Knitwear Collection

Discover a refined capsule wardrobe of lux knits and timeless silhouettes.

To all who patiently awaited the completion of Narvan’s second collection, we are pleased to announce the arrival of Duet: The Signature Knitwear Collection. 

A foundational capsule over one year in the making, the Duet Collection blurs the boundaries between sophistication and playful innovation. Continuing the Narvan story with artistic, seasonless pieces, the knitwear edit embodies our guiding ethos: heirloom quality and mindful production.

Mona Reversible Knit Dress in Birch

Intended to be worn year-round rather than restricted to a single season, Duet breathes new life into the ubiquitous capsule wardrobe, reimagining classic knitwear through delightfully surprising details and a contemporary edge.

The Mona dress, pictured, can be worn with the crossover cutout in the back (as intended) or in reverse (if you would be so bold). Below, the Noor top and Soraya Skirt were designed to be worn together by threading the Noor’s ties through the Soraya’s belt loops.

Noor Top and Soraya Skirt in Black

“While designing our first knitwear collection, I was inspired by the abstract sculptures of Brancusi and the architecture of Zaha Hadid,” says Marjan Kargar, Narvan’s founder and designer. “In the same way that immovable stone can be carved to resemble flowing water, I wanted Duet to lean into the exciting juxtaposition of structure and fluidity.”

Noor Top and Soraya Skirt

Strong lines and splendid curves, darkness and light, join voices in the signature knitwear collection. Like a four-note chord, each piece stands beautifully alone, but together they form one definitive harmony.

“I chose the name 'Duet' to reflect the collections duality,” continues Marjan. “The pieces are available in two timeless hues, and some of the designs can be worn in reverse and interlocked together. I am a strong believer in versatility and dreaming up new ways to style a classic piece.”

Mona Reversible Knit Dress from The Duet Collection

Linen is the principal fibre used in the Duet collection, selected for its strength, softness, and versatility. A natural material made from flax plants, linen is a renewable resource that grows quickly without the use of pesticides and leaves minimal environmental impact.

Narvan was founded with a deep respect for the earth and its resources, echoed in its slow, mindful production. Taking over a year from concept to completion, the Duet Collection is the culmination of months of meticulous design, responsible sourcing, careful fittings, and eco-conscious methods of delivery.

Yara Knit Top in Black

Mona, Yara, Noor, Soraya — each piece in the collection is given an Iranian name, “to honour my heritage and the unique lens through which I filter inspiration and art,” says Marjan. “That heritage is always a part of me and remains a quiet but steady presence in my work.”

Explore the Duet Collection now.