Since our inception, sustainability has been Narvan’s guiding priority. Mother Nature is our muse, and we intend to treat her more gently with every small-batch collection. Our production ethos is to create heirloom pieces in limited quantities that will be loved for years to come, lifting a burden off the planet while offering an expressive and timeless wardrobe.


Every human being deserves safe, dignified work that pays a living wage. We are committed to only partnering with factories that meet our exceptionally high standards by reading each report, conducting third-party audits, and connecting directly with workers to ensure that the factory upholds our values.


Our sustainable focus extends to our materials. The choice of fabrics not only provides a luxurious feel but also aligns with our commitment to renewable resources. As we explore other sustainable fabric options, we continue to evolve and innovate while remaining true to our values.


Exceptional style is worth the wait. Although it might delay our plans, we still transport all our final products by sea instead of air to reduce pollution. We also use recyclable packaging, stickers, and paper, and our ink is non-toxic.

Each garment is lovingly shipped in a biodegradable polybag. This bag is home-compostable and meets the ASTM D6400 test standards. Simply dispose of it in a compost bin and it will break down into plant food in about six months.


Pieces should be made to be cherished for years to come. We only release one exclusive collection per year, taking utmost care to prioritize sustainability, quality, and design. The result is a unique image identity that is both timeless and of-the-moment, evolving with the seasons to find a permanent home in your wardrobe.

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