Narvan is a Canadian slow fashion label guided by art, inspired by femininity, and rooted in respect for the earth.


We create heirloom womanswear for cultivating a timeless and expressive wardrobe, one to be adored now and ultimately cherished in the future. Our deep respect for people and planet is foundational to every aspect of our workings and informs each thoughtful, small-batch collection.

Designed with a meticulous attention to detail, each ready-to-wear collection takes sustainable fashion to sophisticated new heights, balancing imaginative statement pieces with elevated essentials. At once both current and timeless, each piece is designed to turn heads while complementing the wearer’s closet, allowing for ease, expression, and versatility.

Vancouver-based Narvan was founded in 2020 by fine artist Marjan Kargar. The signature collection highlights her love for art and design, accentuated by delightfully surprising details and subtle paradoxes. Mixing timelessness with originality, fluidity with structure, and elegance with whimsy, Narvan celebrates the art of being a woman.


Meaning “elm tree” in Farsi, Narvan was born out of utmost respect for the earth and its resources. We believe in living wages and dignified labour, slowing the cycle of consumption, and making the most sustainable choices available to us. Natural materials and our dedication to responsible production practices inform each decision.

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Exceptional style and responsible production are worth the wait. As a slow fashion label, we take painstaking care between collections, building upon a foundation of durable yet elegant items set apart by creative details and luxurious fabrics.

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