If Autumn were a person

Refine your autumn style with inspiration from the season herself.

Need some fall style ideas? Today, we’re daring to imagine what Autumn would be like if she were a person, and how she would wear the Signature Capsule.

Autumn adores fashion. There’s a timeless elegance to her style, one that exudes romance and sophistication, with the slightest edge.

Given that Autumn is the season of warmth and comfort, she’d mix our garments with soft sweaters and chic jackets.

She adores meeting with friends, dressing up for an event, and mingling in beautiful locations, which means choosing outfits that can go from day to night with ease.

As a season who basks in beauty, not only will she find herself wandering the museums, but she’ll be drawn to garments that are works of art themselves.

Autumn’s love of the poetic sees her finding inspiration in the blushing fall sky; pay tribute to this with feminine pale pinks and blues.

Clara Blouse in Mint

And since nothing is too lavish for Autumn, it’s luxury fabric - like the liquid drape of the Estere Blouse or Arya pant - she desires.

Arya Pant

She’ll dazzle in the Rojeen skirt or Pari blouse as a radiant goodbye to warmer weather.